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Dry Cleaning

We use the latest Wet Cleaning equipment to safely clean your clothes. Wet Cleaning involves the use of non-toxic, biodegradable detergents, controlled quantities of water and computerised equipment.

According to The Environmental Protection Agency, this is one of the safest professional cleaning options available. This means perchlorethylene is no longer used. Perchlorethylene (commonly known as “perc”) is harmful to the environmental as well as to our health. Wet Cleaning eradicates this risk by using nature’s best cleaning solvent – water.

We feel this is a worthwhile investment as our customers and staff are in a healthier environment.

There also is no more body type odours or that which occurs from perc.



Washing machine broken down or simply short of time? Simple drop off your laundry and we will wash, dry and fold your laundry ready for collection. Better still, book a collection online for a time and date of your choosing and our driver will come and collect, we will service and then return your laundry.

Please Note: The laundry service involves washing all clothing together – we do not separate colours from whites and once washed everything is put in the tumble dryer. We, therefore, cannot give any guarantee that clothes will not shrink.

If you are unsure of any clothing shrinking, please separate this from the wash and point this out to us when leaving your laundry.



Ironing is a hassle when doing laundry so let us do this – it’s our job!

We offer an affordable steam iron service for those who hate ironing or just do not have the time.

Using efficient pressing equipment, we ensure that each garment receives a professional finishing with fresh, crisp, wrinkle-free results.



We help freshen and maintain your home with expert cleaning of household linens and bedding.

When unexpected guests arrive, our same day service will help them feel comfortable and right at home. Crisp and clean, comforters, duvets, sheets, and pillowcases are the hallmark of fine hotels everywhere.

Our specialists can clean and press your linens so that you can enjoy the same level of quality and luxury at home. Our sophisticated machines ensure maximum cleanliness and are delicate enough for the finest bedding.

You can rest assured that they will be spot-treated and cleaned with extra attention to detail.



Leather and suede garments are an investment which should be cleaned by skilled professionals.

Routine cleaning is recommended to aid in the longevity of your leather products.

We can also repair and/or alter your leather or suede garments.



Our Tailor, Ausra, studied and trained from Lithuania and joined us in August 2019.

Ausra has thirteen years experience of working as a seamstress making basketball players’ and athletes kits, designing and making uniforms for a company and making women’s clothes (skirts, dresses, tops etc) from scratch.

Ausra then spent 7 years (and counting!) working as a repairs and alteration tailor for dry cleaners.

Whether you require an alteration such as a simple hem or zip repair, through to a complete reconstruction of your favourite garment, you can trust us to ensure you look and feel great in your clothes.



We offer a full range of commercial services available to local businesses which include uniform cleaning and repair for public safety, medical, service and other personnel.

Our commercial laundry service is particularly suitable for companies who require a fastidious approach to quality, budgets and keeping everything running like clockwork.

Let us ease the load by collecting your tablecloths/uniforms/tea towels or anything else that requires cleaning, carry out the cleaning and ironing and deliver these back to you so that you can spend your time focusing on your customers and business.


Key Cutting & Fob Copying

We have competent and experienced staff who can copy your keys and fobs for you.

Prices start from just £4 and it only takes less than a minute to copy a key and a fob!

We offer account services for companies who often require key copying services such as letting agents.




For any kind of exchange, complaint or service query, please contact us through the details provided in the following at your convenience.

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